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Eclipse, for computer-realized sound. Wergo Schallplatten, compact disc, WER 2023-50, 1989.

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Mass, for computer-realized sound. DIFFUSION i MeDIA, compact disc, 1997.

Sotto/Sopra, for violin and realtime computer processing. Eric Rynes, violin.     Centaur Records compact disc, CDCM, Vol 31, 2001.

Camera Cantorum, for computer-realized sound. Mnemnosyne Musique, compact disc, 2002.

Solo/Tutti; Exchange; Life Studies #1 and #5; Anterior View of an Interior with Reclining Trombonist: The Conservation of Energy.   Garth Knox, viola, Stuart Dempster, trombone, Jos Zwaaneburg, flute, William O. Smith, clarinet. Centaur compact disc, CRC 2716, 2005.

The Other and Camera Cantorum. Capstone DVD CPS-8769, 2007.

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Tertium Quid, for violin, viola, piano. Lim, Watras, Choi. Planet M Records, 2019.