Solo Instrumental

Program Notes (2015), for piano.
Composed for Cristina Valdes.

Bicinium (2014), violin and viola.
Composed for Michael Lim and Melia Watras.

Strand Lines (2008), for guitar and live electronics.
Composed for Stefan Ostersjo.

Aperture (2006), for amplified viola and live electronics.
Composed for  Melia Watras.

Anterior View of an Interior with Reclining Trombonist:
The Conservation of Energy (2003),
  for amplified trombone with photoactive slide and real-time computer processing.
Composed for Stuart Dempster.

Solo/Tutti: Variations on an Irrational Number (2002), for viola and
real-time computer processing.
Composed for Garth Knox.

Sotto/Sopra (1999), for violin and real-time computer processing.

Keyboard Suite (1996 – 1997), for Harpsichord or Piano.

Life-Study #2 (1994-1995), for oboe and computer-realized sound.
Composed for Alex Klein.

Life-Study #1 (1993), for clarinet and computer-realized sound.
Composed for Bill Smith.

Saxonomy (1990), for baritone, tenor, and alto saxophones (one player) and
computer-realized  sound.
Composed for Michael Brockman.

Exchange (1987), for flute and computer-realized sound.
Composed for Laura Chislett

Stream (1986), for unaccompanied viola.
Composed for Polly Berkholder.